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A Writer’s Random Thought Process

As someone with a somewhat low attention span, I get bored in class pretty easily. The teacher is droning on and on about some theory or another and I’m staring off into space, completely oblivious. My mind wanders and I’m suddenly thinking about mutated tigers harboring a deadly virus in its blood that could wipe out an entire civilization in the blink of an eye.

Wait, I have an even better idea. A rabbit!

Think about it: a tiger will stand out too much. Who sees a random tiger the size of a horse taking a stroll through the park and thinks, “Oh, how majestic! Hey, hey, c’mere and take a selfie with the kitty!”?

But a rabbit….No one will think twice about a cute little bunny nibbling on their lawn. I mean, look at its fluffy ears and twitchy nose!

And then boom!

Your neighborly knights have their throats ripped out!

And then the teacher calls on me to answer a question and I make myself look like an ass for not paying attention.

As a writer, I’ve noticed that my best ideas occur to me when I’m doing something incredibly boring and routine. Like sitting through a lecture, or taking a shower. It’s not unusual for me to suddenly dig through my backpack for a pencil and paper, only to scrawl a half-legible note that later turns out to be useless. Over the course of the day, the idea becomes dimmer and then my little notes are just lost among textbooks and homework assignments.

When I actually sit down with the sole purpose of writing, my mind is blank. My evil bunny theory is now ridiculous and I’m nowhere close to figuring out the climax of my book.

The only thing left to do is….Google it.

I find books with similar plots and I read them. I take notes and do more research and my evil bunny slowly evolves into an airborne pathogen that smells like perfume.

Moral of the story? Don’t give up, even if your ideas seem ridiculous or far-fetched. All you need to do is tweak them a bit and you might have a bestseller on your hands.


2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Random Thought Process

  1. It always happens – when we put our mind to do something, nothing happens. But the ideas will come when we least expect or want it to. I guess that’s why many people carry notebooks around in case they have a sudden stroke of inspiration. I think any idea, no matter how crazy, is worth a shot – as your rabbit one is. Hopefully it’s going well for you!

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