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Book #6: One Potion in the Grave by Heather Blake

Name: One Potion in the Grave

Author: Heather Blake

Pages: 316

Genre: Suspense, Mystery, Crime

Available at and/or More Information: / Amazon / Barnes n’ Noble

My Rating:

One Potion in the Grave is set a few months after the events in A Potion to Die For.

Carly Bell Hartwell lives in a little place called Hitching Post, a tourist town in Alabama that revolves around hosting weddings and honeymoons. Carly’s life, however, isn’t full of lace-trimmed dresses, bouquets, or three-layered cakes, but the running of her successful business. As a witch, she can create numerous potions, from balding cures to love potions, and as an empath, she can sense what ails her customer the moment he or she walks in the door. Unfortunately, this talent can also backfire–she feels their pain as her own.

****There are spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t read ‘A Potion to Die For’****

Carly is working alone in her shop when her ‘witchy senses’ suddenly tell her that something is wrong. A customer walks in–a woman wearing designer clothes from head to toe, sunglasses covering her eyes, and speaking in a rich-girl Southern accent. But…

In a split second the woman’s voice shifted from high class to a local twang. I stared in shock at her and finally said, “Hush your mouth! Katie Sue Perrywinkle? Is that truly you under all that fanciness?”

It is! Katie Sue Perrywinkle has returned to her hometown of Hitching Post, but this time under a new name and new title. After inheriting her late grandfather’s fortune, Katie Sue fled Alabama in order to escape from her abusive, drug addict parents. She went to school to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor, but at the price of leaving behind her two younger sisters, who now want nothing to do with her.

Hitching Post is overrun at the moment with guests for an upcoming political wedding. Senator Warren Calhoun’s son, Landry, is marrying his college sweetheart in a grand ceremony being held at the chapel Carly’s mother owns. Carly assumes that the now high-class Katie Sue (ahem, Kathryn) was attending, but her ‘witchy senses’ picks up on a darker motive.

“As a doctor I may have taken an oath to do no harm, but as a country girl who’s done had it up to here with that family and their lies, I’m fixin’ to give the Calhouns a taste of their own bitter medicine

Less than a day passes before the bride, Gabi, is found trying to carry an unconscious Katie Sue from the walking path behind the chapel. Both are soaked in blood. Katie Sue dies from her injuries before the authorities arrive.

Carly must survive threats, mysterious joggers dressed in black, attacks during broad daylight, and more in order to find out who killed her childhood friend.

Personally, I absolutely loved this book. There are so many twists and turns that I just couldn’t put it down. You know from the beginning that the Calhoun family is involved, but is it the entire family or just a selective few? Why does Katie Sue hate them so much? And who killed her by savagely tossing her over the side of a cliff?

When the truth was revealed, this was pretty much my reaction:


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