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Book #9: Katie’s Hellion by Lizzy Ford


Name: Katie’s Hellion

Author: Lizzy Ford

Genre: Suspense, Supernatural, Romance

Available at and/or more Information: / Amazon

My Rating:

Katie Young is a twenty-something working a dead-end job, with no real plans in life. I really liked her sass and attitude, but the cussing went way overboard and she drank herself into a stupor every other page. Katie is riding the bus one day when a child attaches himself to her side. She brushes him aside, thinking he was just playing around, and continued on her way. But then people began yelling at her to take better care of her kid.

Toby, as it turns out, is a baby angel entrusted to her care by the immortals protecting humanity. The magic surrounding him convinces all other mortals that he truly is her son, but Katie is the only person who knows otherwise. This is the beginning of her new life, when she realizes she has strange powers out of her control–powers that block the magical abilities of others.

I won’t give away the events leading up to it (they’re boring and anticlimactic, trust me), but Katie finds herself in Hell’s version of a super-max prison. As the only human, she’s taunted, threatened, and abused. It’s here she meets Rhyn, a half-immortal, half-demon man with the power to destroy the entire planet in seconds. As destined mates, Rhyn and Katie must struggle to survive as an unidentified dark lord tries to take power away from the immortals.

As you can see, this had the potential to be an amazing story. But it fell flat. The mythology of the immortals was interesting (though seriously under-explained), and their names were hardly befitting humankind’s protectors (Kiki? Really?). The only character I actually liked was Rhyn, who turns out to be surprisingly loyal and straightforward.

The plot could have been woven in a epic tale of betrayal, blood-lust, and begrudging love, but instead it was just a huge letdown. There was no downtime–it was one tragedy after another, to the point that I got a little confused because of the lack of detail or explanation. Apparently, the whole book spanned a period of a few weeks, which, to me, felt incredibly rushed and unrealistic.

I would’ve loved to learn more about Katie and Rhyn and watched as they grew closer together, but it was “Hey, we just met. I saved your life and now you saved mine. Still hate you. Oh, it’s been a week now and suddenly I’m in love with you”.

Seriously? Ugh…


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