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Burrito Bowl Book Tag!

Thank you very much, Erika@Bookventureland, for tagging me. This is the first time since I created Fun Facts for Writing that anyone has tagged me, so I’ll try to do my very best!

Rice: The Foundation……“The Book that got you into reading (or book blogging)”

The Shadow Children series. My 4th grade teacher read one of the books to us aloud and I fell in love with it. The plot is dark and depressing, sure, but I thought it was a very unique and interesting idea. In this world, it’s very strictly prohibited to have more than two children. The books are based on these illegal children, who must live in constant fear of being discovered by the government.

I read before 4th grade, but this is the point that I really started to read.

Beans: The Filler……“A Book with a whole lot of nothing happening.”


A Monstrous Regiment of Women by Laurie R. King was, to me, a great disappointment. After racing through the first book in the series, I was so excited for the second. I had to force myself to finish it for the sake of finding out what happens. There were a few exciting parts that held my interest, but they were hidden behind 100 pages of boring.

Protein:  The Building Block……“A book quote to live by.”

Not only is Dumbledore one of my all-time favorite book characters, he’s also the source of many a good quote 🙂

Fajitas: The Crunch of Texture……“A Book with immaculate world-building.”

It blows me away just how detailed Middle Earth is (Lord of the Rings). Every stretch of land is named and described to the smallest detail, every song sung has actual lyrics, the languages spoken…everything! There is nothing ‘generic’ in this series. I can only imagine how long it took for Tolkien to research, brainstorm, and organize so many ideas.

Corn: Explosion of Sweetness……“A memorable scene involving friendship/romance.”

In The Golden Compass, Lyra and her daemon, Pan (her soul in the form of an animal companion), are put through several terrifying near-death experiences. In each scene, the love and trust they feel for each other overshadows the danger and sometimes intimidates the adults they face against. I can’t recommend this book enough, it’s truly amazing.

Cheese: The Bond of Calcium……“Two characters from different books you wish could be friends.”

Wow! This is a difficult question. There are so many characters to choose from, haha. But I would have to say Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. They’re both so haughty and self-absorbed that I think it would be hilarious if they met. They would probably begrudgingly admit that the other is intelligent and worth talking to, but I imagine they would argue constantly.

Sour Cream: The Tangy Topper……“The quirkiest character you’ve ever read.”

I think Sherlock Holmes is the very definition of ‘quirky’.

Guacamole: The Cost of Creaminess……“A book you paid too much for.”

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I made an impulse buy at Barnes n’ Noble a few years ago. I was so excited to see this book that I just had to have it. It’s a hardcover and cost me $20, plus taxes.

It does have some interesting recipes in it, but still…$20 is $20.

Lettuce: Handful of Crispness……“A refreshing concept/theme in a book.”

I love romance books as much as the next girl, but I hate the stereotypical damsel in distress scenario. I like to see female characters who rescue themselves or fight alongside their male romantic interest. I honestly can’t stand the characters that cower in fear while others fight for them. It doesn’t make much of a story, in my opinion. Get up and fight for yourself and I’ll be happy to read about your adventures.

Chips: Le Piece de Resistance……“A must-read recommendation if you like [this book/genre–you decide].”

I’m a mystery/romance freak, so I recommend the Amelia Peabody books. I absolutely love this series and am currently trying to buy the entire collection.

Tabasco: The Kick to the Face……“Your Favorite Fight/Action Sequence.”

I can’t really think of one that stands out, but I recently finished reading Samurai Deeper Kyo. The fight scenes are relatively short compared to other action manga I’ve read, but the story-line is pretty interesting and so are the characters.

Tag, you’re it!

I won’t name anyone in particular, but you’re more than welcome to give this tag a shot!

Thank you for reading!


13 thoughts on “Burrito Bowl Book Tag!

  1. Thank you for doing the tag!! 🙂

    I’m surprised its your first time getting tagged! Your enthusiasm for The Golden Compass makes me eager to read the series at the moment. I have all of them but haven’t had a chance to start on the books yet.

    Oh my gosh I totally see Sherlock Holmes and Poirot as best friends. They would those two best friends always who argues yet making it hysterical. I’d love to see that!

    Damsels in distress are annoying! I know some people enjoy this trope but it’s getting boring. I like my heroines to be kickass and can save herself. I’m sure a female is capable of taking of herself without a man having to do it for her all the time.

    1. No no, thank YOU for tagging me!

      I loved the Golden Compass! The sequel…not so much. It was confusing and boring and I honestly never finished it. But you might enjoy it, so definitely, definitely read it!

      I’m glad we think along the same lines! There’s nothing wrong with having a man help you out, but women aren’t helpless creatures. Do it yourself, girl! haha

  2. Bang on about Middle Earth! It’s so detailed and confusing. And on top of that every place has a different name in different language it gets so difficult to keep track of all of them. 😀

      1. I just tried to look it up and basically I got a “That’s cool, but what language did you want the map in? Elven or Dwarf? How about this one, with names so small you can’t read it?” lol

  3. This is a fun tag! I loved the Among the Hidden books when I was a kid too! And I love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings too. I haven’t read the Golden Compass in years. I should go back to it.

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