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A Website to Help You with Citations

Remember those days in high school when you had to pull an all-nighter to write that essay you totally forgot about on some boring topic you’re not at all interested in? And when you’re finally done and click the print button, you suddenly realize you forgot the work-cited page?

If your teachers were/are anything like mine, then every single little punctuation mark had to be perfect. Oh, you forgot a comma here. Minus 5 points! This URL isn’t in the right place. Minus another 5 points!

But, my dear reader, I found the gem of all guides. No, the GOD of all guides.

Citation Machine is a website that will make the citation for you, once you fill out all the necessary information, such as the name of the source and who wrote it.

If you’d like to read some articles on how to properly write citations yourself, then there’s another site called The Purdue Owl Online Writing LabIt also gives examples of how your paper should look, depending on whether you use APA or MLA.


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