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5 More Manga I Recommend

First Edition5 Manga that I Recommend

**Remember to read Right to Left**

#6.) Haikei, Nanashi-sama

Genre: One Shot, Romance, School Life

Author: Naoda Tsuboko

Chapters: 1

Summary: Terao Chigusa is a very shy high school student who spends her free time working in the school’s library. She recommends her favorite book to the boy she has a crush on, but he instead passes the book to a friend, who just so happens to be Terao’s worst nightmare. Takaya can’t stand her simpering and snaps at her whenever possible, but he reads the book anyway and comes up with a plan…

My Rating: This is the cutest thing I’ve ever read. Seriously. As a shy girl myself, I always hoped something like this would happen to me.

#7.) Hanatsukihime

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural

Author: Hibiki Wataru

Chapters: 8

Summary: When Lys was born, her heart didn’t beat. In order to save her, her mother struck up a deal with a demon. In exchange for her life, the demon would lend Lys his heart for 16 years. Demons are unable to feel emotions and, out of curiosity, will link themselves to a human in order to experience them. Lys, now 15, supports herself and her companion, Siva, by dancing and other odd jobs. As her birthday approaches, she hopes to meet her demon and somehow extend their deal.

My Rating: A beautifully drawn story. Lys is a wonderful, kindhearted girl, but is an outcast of society because of the tattoo on her chest that symbolizes her deal with a demon. As a reader, you’ll quick find yourself siding with her and wishing her happiness. I highly recommend. Be warned, though: it’s an emotional roller-coaster.

#8.) Samurai Deeper Kyo

Genre: Adventure, martial arts, supernatural, romance

Author: Kamijyo Akimine

Chapters: 308

Summary: It’s the 17th century and Yuya, a beautiful teenage girl, makes a living being a bounty hunter. She meets Kyoshiro, a traveling medicine seller, and decides to accompany him. Soon afterward, Yuya discovers Kyoshiro isn’t all he seems to be and may even have a connection to her older brother’s murder.

My Rating: Besides the excessive (and unnecessary) amounts of nudity and emphasis on the female body, I love this manga. The overall storyline is amazing and kept my interest from start to finish.

#9.) Ojousama Wa Oyomesama

Genre: Romance, drama, comedy

Author: Hazuki Megumi

Chapters: ~29

Summary: Towako is the daughter of a prominent, long-established family. As a child, she was told she would marry a boy born on the same day as her. Every year for her birthday, she was given an updated photo of this boy. On her 18th birthday, the boy, Yuuga, is kidnapped and brought to her home in order to prepare for their wedding. Towako is shocked to learn that Yuuga isn’t interested in such a weird situation and wasn’t even aware of her existence.

My Rating: Despite her obliviousness to the world around her, Towako is adorable. I actually laughed aloud a few times at her antics. I recommend this for anyone looking for a funny, lighthearted read.

#10.) Mademoiselle Butterfly

Genre: Drama, historical, romance

Author: Ogura Akane

Chapters: 9

Summary: Butterfly was sold to a geisha house as a child. She falls for their neighbor, a tattoo artist named Chinatsu, and visits him on a daily basis. Unfortunately, he thinks of her as a child, even as she grows into a beautiful teenager. Butterfly, however, is determined to change his mind.

My Rating: A very cute story. I wasn’t expecting the sudden twist toward the end, but it truly made their relationship so much more beautiful. I highly recommend. But make sure to keep the tissues handy.


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