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Book #13: Murder on the Rocks by Karen MacInerney

Name: Murder on the Rocks

Author: Karen MacInerney

Pages: 274

Genre: Suspense/mystery, Cooking, Romance

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Author Website / Amazon

My Rating:


Natalie Barnes is the proud new owner of the Grey Whale Inn, located on the beautiful Cranberry Island, Maine. She’s only been open for a few months when a wealthy tycoon sets his sights on building a luxury resort next-door. The island is up in arms at the prospect of their island being disrespected, so they form the Save Our Terns committee. Their main argument is that Cranberry is home to the largest population of terns in the world and building a resort would drive them near to extinction.

Unfortunately for Natalie, the owner of the future resort, Bernard Katz, and his assistant have rented her most expensive rooms, as hers is the only inn on the island. His son and daughter-in-law live in a “cottage” nearby, but a falling-out has forced him onto Natalie’s doorstep.

A meeting is held to decide Cranberry’s fate, where shaky alliances are broken and tempers are lost. The next morning, Natalie finds Bernard Katz’s body on the rocky shoreline while out for a walk. As a newcomer and opponent to the resort, the detective in charge immediately pins her as a suspect. Now Natalie has to clear her name, and that of her livelihood, before she’s arrested and loses everything.

**Spoilers Ahead**

First of all, I loved this book. Granted, Detective Grimes would definitely lose his job by ignoring evidence that he didn’t think mattered, but, other than that, it was a good read that I whizzed through pretty quickly. Natalie is a relateable protagonist (thought not too smart when it comes to incriminating herself…) and so I was happy with the ending. I think her and John are cute together.

Ms. MacInerney painted a vivid picture of the beauty of Cranberry Island and I could almost feel the breeze and smell the salt-water as I read here in my bedroom. I’ve always heard Maine is a beautiful place and I’d very much like to see it myself one day.

I know the ending is ambiguous on purpose, but I want to know! Was it really Ingrid who broke into the inn and ransacked Katz’s room? I was under the impression that she was older, so how did she manage to climb through a second-story window? Was Estelle really having an affair with her father-in-law? Were Stanley and Ogden really lovers, or was Ogden just using him to get Bernard Katz’s fortune?

Once I read the next book in the series, I’ll let ya’ll know!


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