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Book #16: Where Are You Now? by Mary Higgins Clark

Name: Where Are You Now?

Author: Mary Higgins Clark

Pages: 289

Genre: Suspense, (Somewhat) Horror

Available at and/or More Info:

Amazon / Goodreads / Publisher Website

My Rating:

Carolyn MacKenzie’s life has been in limbo ever since her older brother, Mack, disappeared. Every year he calls on Mother’s Day to tell them he loves them and will one day return. After ten years, he still hasn’t kept his promise and Carolyn has lost her patience. Their mother lives in agony, not knowing the fate of her son, and their father died without any closure. This year, she tells Mack she will look for him and she will find him, no matter the cost.

The following day, Carolyn’s uncle receives a note during one of his sermons at church – a note from Mack begging Carolyn not to look for him. The family thinks they should respect his wishes and move on with the knowledge that at least he’s alive somewhere. Carolyn, on the other hand, sees the note as a call for help.

Uncle Devon, tell Carolyn she must not look for me.

As she begins to dig up the records of her brother’s disappearance, the police are baffled by another young woman suddenly vanishing off the streets. The first woman went missing shortly before Mack, and the latest victim has just contacted her father and told him she’ll call again on Mother’s Day. Is Mack to blame, or is he just another victim?

*Spoilers Ahead*

Honestly, this is hands-down once of the best books I’ve ever read. I couldn’t put it down and ended up reading the whole thing in a day. Carolyn is an awesome heroine; she fights back when people accuse her of harboring a killer, she doesn’t simper over her love interest, and she bites back sarcastically when the police get too rough. Unlike other books, she looks at things logically. She believes her brother is innocent, but is open to the possibility that he’s guilty of the crimes he’s accused of. Even though she faces a horde of angry, bitter people, she doesn’t give up.

I also enjoyed the format. The book is broken up into short, yet perfectly adequate chapters. There are no long, rambling paragraphs that accomplice nothing but take up space on the page. Carolyn thinks things through, then acts. No annoying what-ifs. She has a goal and she runs toward it.

My only problem is the epilogue. I wanted more of an apology toward Carolyn. She was all but accused of being the killer herself, but was only offered a quick, “Well…uh…my bad.”. And the motive is still a bit sketchy. It’s not explained in great detail, so you’re left with unanswered questions.


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