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The Playlist Shuffle Tag!

I’ll admit that I cheated a bit on this tag. The rules say not to skip, but this post would be pretty bland if all the songs were the same genre, wouldn’t it? Anyway, kudos to Lauren @ ReadingEveryNight for inspiring me to do my own version. Let’s get started!

*Song Titles are Linked to Youtube Videos!*

The Rules:

  • List the first 10 songs that come on shuffle
  • Write your favorite lyric (or verse) from each song
  • Tag others

1.) Always – Yoon Mirae

  • K-Pop | OST of “Descendants of the Sun”

“I love you

Are you listening?

Only you

Even if everything changes, this won’t change”

2.) Somewhere on a Beach – Dierks Bentley

  • Country | Catchy break-up song

“I’m somewhere on a beach, sippin’ something strong

Got a new girl, she got it goin’ on”

3.) Hero – Monsta X

  • K-Pop | Abs. Abs everywhere

“No, you’re mine. I have a duty to protect you

You’re so beautiful that I have many enemies

It’s like playing a game to protect the princess”

4.) Moonlight – Amy Guess

  • Pop | Love song

“Let us dream without waking

‘Cause in the moonlight

We stop time”

5.) I Don’t Dance – Lee Brice

  • Country | Love song

“I don’t dance

But here I am, spinning you round and round in circles

It ain’t my style, but I don’t care

I’d do anything for you, anywhere”

6.) Feel So Good – B.A.P

  • K-Pop | Love Song

“A-Yo, you aren’t glamorous, baby, but why do you shine more?”

7.) Mama – J-Hope

  • K-Pop | Appreciate Your Mom

“Hey Mama

Have high hopes for me now

I’m by your side always”

8.) In the Stars – Icona Pop

  • Pop | Dance

“Sky is Open

Where we goin’?”

9.) Love you to Death – Taeyang

  • K-Pop | Slow Love Song

“Wanting you who doesn’t want me

If that’s my fate, I’ll accept everything

I’m gonna love you to death”

10.) Sunshine & Whiskey – Frankie Ballard

  • Country | Love Song

“Every time you kiss me, it’s like sunshine and whiskey”

This was pretty fun to make, so I tag everyone! 😀


6 thoughts on “The Playlist Shuffle Tag!

      1. They’re two of my favourites as well! I have 7 groups that I would consider my favourites, and then a couple of others that I like to check out haha

        What are your favourite songs by BTS and Monsta X?

      2. Monsta X – Queen, Be Quiet, Hero
        Bts – Mama, Lies, Hold me Tight.
        I have a few others I listen to as well, like Vixx, SHINee, Boys Republic…
        And you? 🙂

      3. For Monsta X; Hero, Rush, and Trespass are probably my favourites.

        BTS- Run, I Need U, Fire, Dope. I have the new album but haven’t really been listening to much songs from it yet (too obsessed with Monsta X lately haha).

        I listen to a whole bunch more like EXO, 2PM, Big Bang, GOT7, and BAP. I also really like CNBLUE.

        I have a couple of Vixx songs, and I think “Get Down” by Boys Republic.

        There’s just too many groups and not enough time!

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