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Manga that I Recommend (#3)

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*Remember to read Right to Left*

#11.) Dengeki Daisy

Genre: Romance, School Life, Mystery, Drama

Author: Motomi Kyousuke

Chapters: 80

Summary: Teru lost her older brother, her only living relative, to cancer while in middle school. Before he died, he gave her a cell phone she could use to contact his “replacement”, an entity called Daisy. Teru knows nothing about this person, besides the fact that their reassurance and comfort was the only reason she got up in the morning. Daisy is closer to her than she realizes and may not be the angel she believes him to be.

My Rating: An absolutely beautiful story. It gets a bit slow and tedious at parts, but they can be skipped over with little impact. Teru is a protagonist any reader will love and sympathize with.

#12.) Until Death Do Us Part

Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Drama

Author: Takashige Hiroshi

Chapters: 214

Summary: Haruka is a twelve-year-old girl with precognitive abilities (she can see into the future). She’s being targeted by criminal organizations all over the world and is kidnapped after finding her parents murdered in their home. Using her power, she sees the one and only person who can help her – a blind samurai struggling to live in modern society. He’s interested in the prospect of having more enemies to test his strength against and agrees to protect her “until death do them part”.

My Rating: The martial arts ranting can be a bit annoying, but I just skim through it and get to the action. I would’ve liked to see more interaction between Haruka and her bodyguard because they’re both immature and sarcastic, making a hilarious pair. Overall, I love it and think it’s a pretty unique read.

#13.) Sora Log

Genre: Romance, Drama, School Life

Author: Mitsuki Kako

Chapters: 15

Summary: Hikaru spent most of her childhood in the hospital and therefore looks at the world from a different perspective. She’s adorably naive, but her wisdom shines through when those close to her need reassurance. Her upperclassman, a quiet boy with blond hair, accidentally reveals that he, too, enjoys astronomy and Hikaru declares them to now be friends, despite everyone telling her to stay away.

My Rating: Cutest manga couple ever! Hikaru is just so adorable and lovable. She knows what she wants and goes for it, no matter what anyone else says. Plus, the drawing style is gorgeous and so detailed.

#14.) MiriamMiriam Vol.1 Ch.0 page 1 at

Genre: Adventure, Romance, Action

Author: Hikawa Kyouko

Chapters: 7 (each at around 200 pages)

Summary: Miriam is an orphan in the Wild West. She’s taken in by a sweet woman named Grace and learns what it means to have a happy family. Grace hires three young men to help her manage the ranch and they quickly become attached to the feisty little girl. As she grows up into a beautiful woman, she becomes especially close with one of the ranch hands. It will take a tragic twist of events to convince him of that, of course.

My Rating: Miriam is a beautiful story of people forming a family during difficult times. Plus, Miriam is the cutest and spunkiest protagonist. She whips all those adults into shape and rules over the ranch with an iron fist.

 #15.) Ichigo Jikan

Genre: Romance, Drama, School Life

Author: Kumagai Kyoko

Chapters: 11

Summary: Ichiko has been accepted into her dream school, but there’s a serious problem: she was promised a dorm to live in and when she arrives…no rooms are available. To appease her, the school sends her to a nearby apartment used by staff for temporary housing. She’s shocked to discover her new roommate is actually a boy and he’s not at all pleased with her being there.

My Rating: Ichiko and Ran are a great couple – she’s naive and intelligent, he’s hardworking and sarcastic. I read the whole manga in one sitting because every chapter was a cliffhanger and I just couldn’t wait to see what happened!


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