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Book #22: A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder by Julie Anne Linsey

Name: A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder
Author: Julie Anne Lindsey
Genre: Mystery/Suspense, Romance
More Information:  Author Website | Amazon | Goodreads

My Rating: 

Mia Connors is a woman of many talents. As the IT manager of Horseshoe Falls, an upper-class, eco-friendly community, it’s her job to make sure the entire computer system runs smoothly. In her free time, she religiously plays an online RPG called REIGN, cosplays for a variety of events, and spends time with her overbearing family. As she struggles day-to-day with her extreme social anxiety, she bonds with people via her obsession with designer heels and coffee.

When the residents of Horseshoe Falls begin receiving bogus emails about coupons and appointment dates, Mia finds herself in quite the conundrum. She’s confident her system is airtight and no one could’ve possibly hacked into it, but she can’t find the source of the emails.

She returns to her office late one night because the security system was tripped and is shocked to find one of her best friends dead at her desk, his face and head bludgeoned. The new head of security, Jake Archer, immediately fingers her as the killer. As she’s attacked from all angles, Mia must hurry to clear her name before she loses more than just her job.

My Thoughts

Mia has a sharp tongue and sassy attitude, two hilarious qualities that get her in a lot of trouble. I absolutely love her as a protagonist; she’s intelligent, brave, and talented, yet just as flawed as any other person. Jake was also a comical character. He constantly threw out question after question, demanding to know if Mia was a murderous seductress, a criminal mastermind, a drug dealer…

Every character that was introduced had a unique personality and background, some I’ve never seen before in a book. I was so caught up in their antics that I read most of the book in one sitting. The plot itself wasn’t the most original, so I thought of giving it four stars, but the characters more than made up for it.


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