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The Playlist Shuffle Tag!

I’ll admit that I cheated a bit on this tag. The rules say not to skip, but this post would be pretty bland if all the songs were the same genre, wouldn’t it? Anyway, kudos to Lauren @ ReadingEveryNight for inspiring me to do my own version. Let’s get started!

*Song Titles are Linked to Youtube Videos!*

The Rules:

  • List the first 10 songs that come on shuffle
  • Write your favorite lyric (or verse) from each song
  • Tag others

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The Book Courtship Tag

I happened to come across this tag while browsing She Latitude‘s blog. It’s been a while since I did my last tag, so this oughta be fun!

Phase 1: Initial Attraction

A book you bought because of the cover

The Beekeeper’s Apprentice immediately caught my attention. It was a bright contrast to
the typical darker colored books around it, so I stopped to read the description.

Sherlock Holmes has retired to the countryside and is, not surprisingly, bored. While watching over his bee hives, he’s bumped into by a teenage girl named Mary Russell. The two find they have a lot in common: high intelligence, an observant mind, and the enjoyment of fighting crime.

Under Sherlock Holmes’s wing, Mary blossoms into a beautiful young woman with a mind to match her tutor’s. When Scotland Yard calls on him for help, he’s reluctant to bring Mary along. However, Mary Russell has other ideas.

Phase 2: First Impressions

A book you bought because of the summary

“As a third child in a society that allows only two children per family, Luke Garner was in hiding for the first twelve years of his life. Then he was given the freedom of an identify card that had belonged to Lee Grant, a Baron (a member of the highest class of society), and was sent to boarding school as Lee.

But now, just when things are finally starting to go right, Lee’s little brother, Smits, arrives at school, and Luke finds himself caught in a web of lies that gets more complex and possibly even lethal – with every passing day.

Can Luke trust the grief-stricken Smits to keep Luke’s secret? And can he trust Smits’s menacing bodyguard, Oscar?

Luke finds that living Among the Barons puts him in the deadliest danger he has ever faced.

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Dragon’s Loyalty & One Lovely Blogger Award

Hey, guys! In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been experimenting with how to format my posts. If you come back and notice they’ve been changed again, it’s because I’m picky and haven’t found “the one” yet. Anyway, I’ve been nominated for this two-in-one award by the wonderful Shivalika @ Whimsy JournalsMake sure to check out her blog!

And without further adeu, let’s begin!




1.) Display the award on your blog

2.) Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who awarded you

3.) Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award

4.) Link your awardees in the post

5.) Write 7 interesting things about you


I’m currently a Criminal Justice major and hope to one day be employed in the fire service as an investigator. I’ll be following in the footsteps of my dad, a retired lieutenant.

I’m addicted to Korean dramas and the occasional Japanese movie. I think it’s fascinating to learn about different cultures while enjoying myself at the same time. This also somehow evolved into Kpop, which is great, bubbly music to exercise to.

When I was younger, I didn’t like a lot of food that was the ‘norm’ down here in the South. Now, I love cole slaw and sweet tea. Make up your mind, taste buds!

I took two years of German in high school, so I can speak basic sentences and carry on a preschool-level conversation.

 I’m an organization freak and I love to buy office/school supplies.

I love Harry Potter. I just don’t like Harry himself. Besides being a hero and everything, I think he’s egotistical, naive, and selfish. Not to a huge extent, but just enough to make me dislike him.

I’m a tomboy and generally dislike girly things.

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Siblinghood (Sisterhood) of the World Bloggers Award

I’ve been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award by Shivalika @Whimsy Journals. Her blog is pretty entertaining, so make sure to check it out!

The Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  2. Answer the questions of the person who nominated you
  3. Nominate other bloggers (up to 10)
  4. Create 10 questions for your nominees and notify them of their nominations

The best book I’ve read this year and why I love it:

I’ve already done a review, for those interested in the juicy details. This book kept my attention from start to finish and left me guessing as to who the real murderer was until the very end. I’m usually skeptical about magic-related mysteries (they usually fall short in my opinion), but this series hasn’t disappointed me in the least.

Excuse for not lending my books to others:

Please don’t return my precious books with ripped pages, scratched spines, and bent covers. I try very hard to keep them in good condition, so nothing aggravates me more than someone not respecting my efforts. To avoid all that mess, I hoard my books like Gollum hoards rings and fish!

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Burrito Bowl Book Tag!

Thank you very much, Erika@Bookventureland, for tagging me. This is the first time since I created Fun Facts for Writing that anyone has tagged me, so I’ll try to do my very best!

Rice: The Foundation……“The Book that got you into reading (or book blogging)”

The Shadow Children series. My 4th grade teacher read one of the books to us aloud and I fell in love with it. The plot is dark and depressing, sure, but I thought it was a very unique and interesting idea. In this world, it’s very strictly prohibited to have more than two children. The books are based on these illegal children, who must live in constant fear of being discovered by the government.

I read before 4th grade, but this is the point that I really started to read.

Beans: The Filler……“A Book with a whole lot of nothing happening.”


A Monstrous Regiment of Women by Laurie R. King was, to me, a great disappointment. After racing through the first book in the series, I was so excited for the second. I had to force myself to finish it for the sake of finding out what happens. There were a few exciting parts that held my interest, but they were hidden behind 100 pages of boring.

Protein:  The Building Block……“A book quote to live by.”

Not only is Dumbledore one of my all-time favorite book characters, he’s also the source of many a good quote 🙂

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The Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag


I’ve noticed that book tags have gotten pretty popular lately and wanted to try one myself, so here’s my version of the ‘Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag’!

How Long Have You Been a Blogger?

I created ‘Fun Facts for Writing’ in January of 2014! I still can’t believe it’s been over a year. Time sure flies.

At What Point do you think You Will Stop Blogging?

I’ll stop when blogging is no longer entertaining or it turns into more of an obligation than anything else. For now, I’m happy with my weekly posting. I started blogging in order to practice my writing and build somewhat of an online portfolio, so I think FFFW has a long future ahead 🙂

What is the Best Thing About Blogging?

Meeting people with similar interests. My friends love to read just as much as I do, but on more of a casual basis. I would like to one day be a professional writer, so reading various books is very important to me. It’s nice to meet people who feel the same way.

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