My Review Policy

I am by no means a professional, so by “rating” I mean “how much I enjoyed this book”. I cover areas such as:

  • Grammar/Spelling
    • To me, multiple spelling or grammatical errors are just laziness and will negatively affect my rating.
  • Overall storyline 
    • Is the book creative and exciting, or boring and dull?
  • Likeability of characters
    • Some characters I can connect with, some I can’t.
  • The author’s style of writing
    • As a writer myself, I like to see how other writers word certain things, such as scenery, emotions, and actions.
  • Predictability
    • Can I guess what will happen next?
    • Am I bored and reluctant to continue reading?

Here’s a breakdown of my star-rating system:

This book is absolutely terrible and I probably only made it through a few chapters before giving up.

Had potential, but failed my expectations.

Eh, it’s okay.

I like this book!

loved this book!